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This website was originally developed and constructed by MSgt Ronald H. Haden. I cannot say how much I appreciate all the hardwork and effort that he put into it.  I know there have been many others that have helped maintain and keep this site going over the years.  Unfortunately, I do not know all their names.   So, to the countless others that have helped keep this site going in one form or another, and on behalf of all the Circuit Riders families, I thank you for this site.


And thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continue telling the Commando Club story and the legacy of the great American Patriots known as "CIRCUIT RIDERS".....Rick Holland - 28 Aug 2018

MSgt Ronald H. Haden, T306X0, USAF (ret)

Worked at Site 85 from Sep 67 to Nov 67. Constructed and Developed the orginal website.

(Copyright © 2001,2002,2003)

Col. Gerald Clayton USAF (ret)
Commander of Lima Site 85. Pictures, Story contribution.

Lt/Col Douglas Farnsworth USAF (ret)
Commander of the TSQ-81 installation team.  Pictures, Story contribution, personnel identification.

Lt/Col Jeannie Shiff USAF (ret)
JTF-FA.  Pictures and Sketch contribution.

Mr. Robert J. Destatte, Senior Analyst, Research & Analysis Directorate, Defense Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Office (Retired).  Translation of "Raid on Phou Pha Thi" by PAVN Major Do Chi Ben" , Story, Pictures and Sketch contribution.

Dr. Timothy N. Castle 
Author of "One Day Too Long" and currently an Associate Professor at The Air War College
of Air University USAF, Maxwell AFB, AL. Pictures, Encouragement and Support of effort.

CMSgt Samuel Morrow Jr. USAF (ret)
NCOIC 1st Mobile Communications Group Command Post 1965-68, 1969-72. Story contribution.

Ann Holland
Wife of TSgt Melvin Holland, lost at Lima Site 85. Pictures, Story, Encouragement and Support of effort.

Keith Johnson
Member of the TSQ-81 installation team. Story contribution, personnel identification.

Heinz Hardy
Member of the TSQ-81 installation team. Story contribution, personnel identification.

Jon Ramsay
Member of the TSQ-81 installation team. Personnel identification

Gary Boros
Commander of the TACAN Channel 97 installation team. Story contribution.

Richard Grimes
NCOIC of the TACAN Channel 97 installation team. Pictures, Story contribution.

Lt/Col Ken Molly USAF (ret), Recce Photo taken 16 March 1968

Larry Clum, Bomb Damage Assessment photos

Keith Hammerbeck, Image of Panel 44E, The Wall.

Bryon Hukee, Picture Lima Site 20, Sam Thong.

Pararescue Association, Picture Lima Site 20Alt, Long Tien

Our heartfelt thanks to all the people that have made compiling this Web site possible. The data was pulled togeather by Ron Haden and he has made a great memorial to the men who worked on Lima Site 85. We will always remember the men who built and operated Lima Site 85 and those, whom, we still wait for their return.

Thank you again for all those that have made this Web site possible.


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