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Commando Club

Welcome to the revamped Lima Site 85 website.  For those that have visited the website in the past, I hope you approve of the changes we have made.  For those of you that are firsttime visitors, I hope you enjoy the site, and find it informative, and easy to navigate.


Some of the changes we have made are:

  • Memorial Section - Here you will find a memorial page for each of the 12 men that lost their lives that fateful day.

  • Links Section - Updated links to other related websites.

  • Photo Album Section - Collection of site photos, individual photos, and dedication and memorial ceremonies.

In this website you will learn the story of a USAF Top Secret Radar Site, in Northern Laos, that was overrun on March 11, 1968, resulting in the loss of 12 great American Patriots.  You will read of the Construction of the Site, as well as the infamous Battle for Lima Site 85.  We will also tell you of the aftermath; what happened to the lives of the families of those men lost and what has been done since to recover the men.


To view this video and others, look in the VIDEO menu at the top of the page

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